We kick off our ‘How Do You Roll?’ Series with one of the modern queens of Roller-skating; Marawa ‘The Amazing’ Ibriham  We’ll be asking some of the true roll models of skating about their skate set-ups and preferences. Follow our Blog and Instagram to stay up on forthcoming featured skaters.

While she is well known within the rollerskating scene, Its hard to pin Marawa as just a roller-skater, the Somali-Australian’s career has been as changeable as the Melbourne weather. Now residing in LA, Marawa might be better known by her stage name ‘Marawa The Amazing’; and while I’m sure this moniker was designed for theatrical effect, it happens to be rather accurate. Everything she puts her hand to… and that’s alot of things, turns out to be... well, amazing. I won’t list her entire CV (just watch the video below), but if she’s not breaking records or appearing on your TV then you might find her running a roller disco, making clothes or publishing an ACTUAL book.


What’s skates do you mainly skate at the moment? Ae you insistent on having any particular wheels, bearings or extras?

Currently I am alternating between by impala skates (because I LOOOOVE them and they match 95% of my wardrobe lol) and my common project high top sneakers I had converted into skates - they are super comfy and I have big wheels on them for skating along the beach :) Bearings have improved so much these days that I usually just stick with a swiss set - gone are the days of sitting for hours cleaning them out - they seem much slicker now than they have ever been.

Describe your style of skating, do you stick to one discipline mostly?

I'm all over the place ha - I grew up skating - then switched to blades and started aggressive blading as a teenager - skating lots of Melbourne skate parks. I have also always loved skating along the beach - ANY beach! as long as the path is smooth and flat It's a totally different style (and skate) but so much fun - and then of course the rink - favourite place to spend any weekend.

Do you own different skates for different uses? If so can you tell us which skates use use for which scenarios?

Yes - currently I am hitting the beach in my custom common project skates with chunky wheels - or if I really wanna do distance I switch to my flamingo Powerslides (Powerslide Swell Inline Skates) which are ridiculously fast (125 mm wheels !!)

Skate parks I go for a sturdier skate - smaller wheels - and then high heeled skates, LED wheels and my Marawa Impala skates are reserved for the rink

What’s your favourite spot to skate?

Oof. thats a tough one... if I had to narrow it down I would say at a rink. You can't beat the combination of music, lights, and likeminded people all together in one space.

If you could wake up anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would it be?

Lately it's been Hawaii - Maui - LA has been weird enough this year but with the fires now - all I wanna do is escape to a tropical paradise, eat fruit and swim.

What’s your most-used method of stopping? (Genuine question!)

Toe stops - though not all my skates have em - they are definitely the fastest and most effective I think though. Otherwise I usually just turn into a spin.

Do you take good care of your skates? Do you worry about the tech & spec?

No comment... eeeeep. I used to be so good at cleaning them!! Taking them apart for maintenance...  I've been pretty lazy the last few years though. I do keep an eye on them though, make sure all the wheels are spinning clear, etc and nothing's about to come loose or fall off... that's never fun to find out when you are already half way down a hill.

Do you ever get recognised as being that one off [insert country]’s Got Talent? (Ed Note: Marawa appeared hula-hooping on various 'Got Talents' in eluding Britain and Saudia Arabia... naturally)

Yes .. usually in airports - I think seeing my luggage reminds ppl ha.

You’re quite the business mogul. How many businesses / organisations do you own/co-own? ...Successes? Failures?

Thankfully I feel like I have narrowed it down to just the successful ones now haha - it's tough running your own business + being creative, it's a good recipe for having a million ideas but never being able to get them off the ground. I worked hard to focus on the main ones and now spend most of my time finding ways to work some of those million ideas into the main 3 I focus on haha. iwanttogotoparadise.com is my online shop. majorettes.online is my performance troupe and then I write too. Through these 3 platforms I can kind-of add other projects around performing, design, writing, producing etc and use them to grow these 3 projects, and work together rather than having them all separate.

Do you have any OCD’s/rituals/superstitions when it comes to skates (ie left skate on first.. laces tied in a certain way?)

Not really, though I always remember reading an interview of a skater yeeears ago, too far back to remember who it was; but they said if they are driving to a skate session and they see a car accident on the way they won't skate. That has stuck with me to this day.

In your eyes what makes a ‘good' skater? (ie someone you most enjoy watching)

Anyone who is smoooooooth with it. This can be any style, rink, outdoors, ramps, but I LOVE watching anyone who is almost silent when they skate - no impact, the skates are a true extension of their body and they move with them and make the ground seem liquid.

Any tips, tricks or hacks you use for your own skates?

Double layer socks. I only discovered them last year, it's changed my life! I can skate forever with no blisters and no sweaty feet!


For every skater we feature we will make a donation to the skater's chosen charity. We will be donating to Daughters Of Eve ( http://www.dofeve.org ) who work to protect young women who are at risk from genital mutilation.

Marawa's clothing range Paradise can be found on her website iwanttogotoparadise.com (USA customers) and on our website (Europe customers). Her book The Girl Guide can be found here.

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